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Eurosalt has worked with passion and dedication to bring to life products that transform the culinary experience into something truly special. The unique flavours, superior quality and variety of options will conquer your taste buds, whether you're an avid cook or a lover of delicious snacks. For the packaging design, we opted for salt in a craft bag and a grinder. We took inspiration from nature and used natural colours, earthy tones and minimalist details, all to highlight the purity and quality of the product. The transparent window on the front of the bag allows consumers to see the high quality salt and appreciate the fine texture of the crystals. This feature not only provides a glimpse of the product, but also conveys the company's transparency and confidence in quality. Subtle details of plants and leaves frame the design, suggesting the freshness and authenticity of the product. These botanical elements not only add beauty, but also remind consumers of the natural origin of salt. The contrast between the craft background and the text in dark shades adds elegance and makes key information stand out. The distinctive logo and product name are accentuated, ensuring that customers will easily recognise Eurosalt products on the shelf.

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