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Papillon Afterschool has defined its visual identity with the central theme of The Little Prince, a profound book that always proposes new meanings to the reader. The central image of the logo is represented by an elegant outline of the Little Prince sitting in an airplane, contemplating the world around him. The Little Prince is drawn in a simple and stylised way, preserving the essence of the character created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Behind the Little Prince, bright and playful stars symbolise exploration, learning and represent the knowledge and creativity of children in the afterschool programme, illustrating the connection between the classic story and the education provided. The colours chosen are bright and friendly, such as light blue for the starry sky, green for nature and growth, and yellow for the light and optimism that education brings. The font used for the afterschool's name is playful and friendly, yet retaining a touch of elegance to convey the seriousness and quality of the services offered. Through this combination, the logo conveys the idea that the afterschool is not just a place where children spend time after school, but a magical space of knowledge and personal development, where Little Prince continues his journey through the world of knowledge and creativity.

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