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Primero has created an incredible range of salt and spices that will turn every meal into a taste adventure! Fine crystals, rich in minerals, to give a special touch to any dish. Whether you're a talented cook or just beginning to explore the culinary arts, Primero products are designed to bring joy to every kitchen. The Primero logo - a symbol of confidence in quality and authentic taste - shines at the top of the label. The product name is presented in an elegant, easy-to-read font to highlight the distinctive brand. Below the logo, each salt and spice variant has a dedicated space for specific information. This includes details such as the type of salt, the composition of the seasoning, and possibly suggestions for use. The colour palette we have used conveys naturalness and freshness. Each spice variant is visually illustrated on the label, giving consumers a clear idea of what to expect in terms of flavour and texture. The illustrations are artistic in style, with details adding an element of charm.