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We worked with love on the visual identity of a project that for many years has been a landmark in the landscape of the Galati community - the Galati Half Marathon Every year, this event draws attention to the benefits of physical movement and - as the organizing team states - proposes to the people of Galati (and not only) an outdoor event in which the whole family can find themselves. In this visual project, the logo was the anchor from which the visibility elements were outlined and, in addition to the graphic elements specific to running, it managed to incorporate some symbols relevant to the city of Galati. We opted for a round shape of the logo because this event is perceived as a link between local resources, organizations, projects and people. Shades of blue and some specific graphic elements signal that this is an event taking place in a city near the Danube. The rest of the materials developed for this project included: business cards, social media elements, posters, presentation folders, website layout, sponsorship packages, etc. provided consistent support to the organising team in promoting this event.

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