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Fresco's revolutionary range of cleaning products promises to make every corner of your home sparkle! From refreshing citrus aromas to the crisp freshness of the sea, Fresco products aim to meet even the most demanding expectations. So, the life identity of these products was a real challenge for us. Naturally, the Fresco logo, underlined by a touch of freshness, was placed at the top of the label, and the product name was written in a clean, modern font for easy identification. We used illustrations of green plants, water droplets and elements to suggest the freshness and naturalness of the products, but also to help consumers understand the specific uses for each product. We opted for a well-constructed section for product description, how to use, safety instructions and precautions, as well as icons for key product features. We wanted the label design to reflect the naturalness, freshness and efficacy of Fresco products, bringing to the fore the distinct characteristics of each product.

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